Norelsys’ USB3.0-SATA Bridge Controllers receive Certifications from the USB-IF and WHQL


Norelsys’ USB3.0-SATA Bridge Controllers receive Certifications from the USB-IF and WHQL
June 4, 2013——Norel Systems Limited (Norelsys), a mainland China fabless IC design company specializing in high-speed mixed-signal and innovative I/O architect, has recently announced that its USB3.0-SATA bridge controllers NS1066/NS1066X and NS1068/NS1068X have received certifications from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for SuperSpeed USB (USB3.0) compliance (TID: 340000087, 340000088). The company today announced that these bridge controllers have also been certified by Microsoft Windows 8 Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL).
USB-IF interoperability testing and certification programs facilitate the development of high-quality USB devices. USB-IF certification means that the NS1066/NS1066X and NS1068/NS1068X may display the SuperSpeed USB logo. Meanwhile, Norelsys is the first mainland China IC design house to obtain SuperSpeed USB-IF Logo.
WHQL testing is Microsoft's testing process which involves running a series of tests on third-party hardwareor software to ensure compatibility. Having WHQL certification allows NS1066/NS1066X and NS1068/NS1068X to use “Certified for Windows” Logo.
Launched in May 2012, NS1066 and NS1066X are the first mass production USB3.0 controller chips in mainland China. With in-house designed USB3.0, SATA1/2/3 PHY and patented adaptive equalization technique, these products provide industry leading performance, ensure excellent signal integrity, and offer competitive cost advantage. Additionally, they are compatible with a variety of USB Host and SATA devices as well as WinXP/Win7/Win8/Linux/Mac Operating Systems. Therefore, NS1066 and NS1066X have been widely adopted and shipped to the domestic mobile hard disk brand customers and OEMs.
In Feb. 2013, Norelsys introduced its 2nd generation low-power USB3.0-SATA2 bridge controller NS1068 and USB3.0-SATA3 bridge controller NS1068X, with further enhanced performance, lower power consumption, and higher integration. NS1068 and NS1068X meet both Self-Power and Bus-Power requirements. The measured current consumption is 2.2mA in Suspend Power Mode, which is the lowest level in industry and satisfies European Union’s EuP power saving specifications. Using a SATA3 SSD hard disk on Windows 8 platform, the measured read/write speed is over 400MB/s for NS1068X with only Bulk protocol, and is even higher with UASP protocol.
To distinguish from the competitors, Norelsys’ products offer superior ESD performance. Both NS1066/NS1066X and NS1068/NS1068X passed system ESD +/- 15kV air-gap discharge and +/- 8kV contract discharge without any external ESD protection devices, allowing customers to save both cost and space on PCB.
NS1066/NS1066X and NS1068/NS1068X can be used in a variety of portable products such as external solid-state drive, hard drive, and wireless hard drive. To broaden applications and to meet customers’ needs, Norelsys is working on more USB3.0 products and is looking forward to becoming USB3.0 One-Stop Supplier.
Norelsys will soon introduce its innovative USB3.0 Flash Drive controller NS1081. Looking forward, the company is also developing a 10Gbps USB transceiver IC to meet the upcoming 10Gbps SuperSpeed USB specification.