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NS1085 USB Host Controller for Smartphone


NS1085 is a high-performance USB 3.0 Flash Card controller and USB 2.0 host controller designed specifically for smartphone applications. It is fully in compliance with Apple MFi Specification, supporting MFi USB Role Switch and iAP2 protocols such as EA Native Transport, Device Powered, and App Launch. It also supports USB OTG and Android Open Accessory (AOA) Protocol 2.0. On one side, NS1085 connects with up to two USB interfaces such as Type-A, Type-C, and Apple Lightning Interface. On the other side, it connects with one 4-bit flash media card, such as Secure Digital (SD)andmicroSD (T-Flash); or one 8-bit flash card such as Embedded-MultiMediaCard (eMMC).

Block Diagram



 Two low-power USB 2.0 Host specifically optimized for smartphone applications. Each USB 2.0 transceiver can be configured to either USB 2.0/1.1 Host or USB 2.0/1.1 device. An integrated USB 2.0 MUX enables data selection from one of the USB 2.0 transceivers.

 Support charging mode detection compatible with specifications from Apple and USB BC1.2. During data transfer, an iDevice can be simultaneously charged from a USB port or a power adapter at the maximum supported charging current. 

 Support AOA Protocol 2.0, allowing USB accessory built with NS1085 to support USB accessory mode, which powers the USB bus and communicates with Android phone simultaneously.