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NS5530 AVT Full HD Transmitter

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NS5530 is a long reach SD and HD video transmitters supporting Advanced Video Transport (AVT) technology with visually lossless digital video compression. It also supports uncompressed video transmission and is compatible with SMPTE SD-SDI,HD-SDI and 3G-SDI.

NS5530 supports most VESA and HDTV video formats up to HD 1080p50/60.NS5530 employs Norelsys’ advanced video compression technologies and can extend the reach of HD video over UTP or coaxial cable at a serial data rate configurable from 135Mbps to 2.97Gbps. A programmable Reed-Solomon FEC block is implemented for increased reliability.

NS5530 provides channels for forward and backward audio transmission. NS5530 also provides data channels for the transmission of I2C, UART, IR and PS2 signals on both for wardand backward directions.

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•   HDMI and DisplayPort video extension

•   KVM video and control transmission

•   Zero-client video transmitter